At First Physio Plus Plus Clondalkin, we see a lot of back and neck related problems. Most times, these are due to small joints of your spine not lying in their correct position. The brain receives messages of this "joint dysfunction" and sends messages to the appropriate muscles to tighten up so that no further dysfunction occurs. The joints are not moving when you are x-rayed therefore they look normal and you are told you have a muscle strain. That is why, with time, your muscle strain does not seem to get better. At First Physio Plus we treat the joints and the muscles and quite quickly your back settles.

Unfortunately, for a small percentage, the problem may be a disc. With a neck disk problem, a major symptom is abnormal sensation down your arm. With a low back disk, you have an abnormal sensation down your leg. Depending on how severe your signs and symptoms are, you may be referred for an MRI scan which shows the exact state of the disc.

On your initial visit to First Physio Plus, we will listen to you about how you feel, list your problems, examine you and then discuss with you a treatment and rehabilitation plan.


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